Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Family Night

I am taking an Instructional Technology class at FVCC and I created a Family Night project for a 1st grade class. I researched 12 different apps for a fun night with parents and students to use technology to play educational games within the classroom. I initially choose four apps each, for reading, math, art, and a wildcard. After playing and assessing the quality of each app I chose one app for each subject for the evening; they are all appropriate to be held in a 1st grade classroom! I created direction worksheets for each station so that they could easily navigate the app and get the most playing time out of the 10 minutes for each station. They also can fill out the assessment worksheets to see if the app actually helped them and they can make comments! The purpose of the evening is for the parents to interact with the students and not simply feel uncomfortable not knowing what to do. The apps chosen are fun for all ages!

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